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The Latest From VMG

Our three sister hospitals, Michigan Road Animal Hospital at Crooked Creek, Zionsville Animal Hospital and Michigan Road Animal Hospital at 96th Street are members of Veterinary Management Group (VMG). VMG is a national group of top, companion animal practices across the country. Each Spring and Fall the group meets to focus on current, best practices in medical, surgical and management areas. VMG helps our hospitals to stay on the cutting edge of health care for our pet family members.

Dr Duncan is presently in Bend, OR attending the Spring ’15 VMG meeting. Meeting topics he is attending include: Epigenetics (the study of environmental/behavorial influences on genetics), new trends in social media, and DataLink (the metric system used to track practice performance and effiencies). This new information will be brought back and incorporated in all three of our hospitals knowing it will continue to raise the level of health care we provide for the pet members of your family.