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Protect Your Dog: Ticks Are Everywhere!

Ticks are creepy, crawly--and gross! And although it's getting cold outside ticks are most definitely still around. No one seems safe these days as ticks can be found anywhere--urban parks, the deep woods, our own backyards, on our pets, and even on us!

Unfortunately, each year thousands of dogs are diagnosed with diseases that ticks carry. These diseases can pose serious risks to our dogs. Learn how to keep your entire family protected. Go to www.dogsandticks.com to take a quick assessment to see if your dog is at risk and found out which ticks are in our area.

Ticks and the diseases they carry can be found throughout all 50 states and Canada. Because your dog could be at risk of infection, it is important to know:

  • Just one bite from a tick that’s carrying disease can infect your dog.
  • Most tick-borne diseases show few symptoms; some don’t show any.
  • Following a prevention plan can help keep your best friend free from tick-borne disease. ​

Symptoms of vector-borne disease are often vague and difficult to recognize. A simple blood test that’s combined with your dog’s annual heartworm test can determine if your dog has been infected.


Stay protected – talk to us about a prevention plan, including annual testing, and which preventative we recommend for your area. Don't hesitate to call us if you find a tick on your dog, if you suspect infection, or have any other questions about ticks and preventing them!

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