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Preventative Medicine

We believe in preventative medicine as the best approach to keeping our patients healthy. This includes annual or biannual examinations with blood chemistry screens, vaccinations on a yearly, every three-year or as-needed basis, external and internal parasite prevention, and dietary benefits. We recommend checking vaccine titers in lieu of vaccination when it is appropriate. Read More...


We provide general internal medicine procedures and diagnostics should your pet become ill, or have a current condition. Our doctors are familiar with the management of various diseases such as: diabetes, seizure disorders, kidney and liver maladies, gastrointestinal problems, cardiac diseases, and more. Please see our Veterinary Topics page by clicking here. We can provide ultrasound, x-ray echocardiograms, and blood pressure evaluations when necessary.


Zionsville Animal Hospital has complete surgical facilities for soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, and minor diseases of the eye. We routinely provide neutering, spaying and de-clawing services. During surgery patients are given inhalation gas anesthesia and are carefully monitored with equipment that measures their pulse and oxygen levels, blood pressure and ECG  heart rate.

Our surgery and dentistry tables are heated and all anesthetized animals wake up in a heated recovery cage under the watchful eye of a veterinary health team associate.

Geriatric Care Program

We encourage comprehensive health screenings and early detection programs for aging pets. A geriatric consultation can determine what services, blood work, and/or dietary management your older pet needs for continued happiness. This is especially pertinent for those pets with arthritis issues who may need our help with pain management and joint health.


Our doctors and trained staff provide dental examinations, cleaning, prophylaxis, and fluoride treatments. Dental x-rays and extractions are performed when needed. Special care is taken to provide dental care instruction for continued oral health. We will utilize state of the art dental equipment and procedures for cleaning and extractions. Watch our videos and learn more!

Pet Boarding

In response to the continued requests of so many clients, Zionsville Animal Hospital has an in-house facility and now offers overnight boarding for dogs as well as a natural daylight boarding room facility for cats.

During their stay with us, your dog(s) and cat(s) will be treated with the compassion and respect you would expect from our associates. At all times, your pet’s comfort and safety will be our number one commitment.

Laboratory Diagnostics

Our laboratory can provide various analyses including blood profiles, urinalysis, culturing, and histopathology.

Diagnostic Imaging

Our onsite radiology (x-ray) services are available should your pet be in need. OFA certification is available. We offer diagnostic ultrasound for our patients, as well as full cardiology work-ups. The images can be recorded to disc, or printed out for the patient’s record. A board certified radiologist is available to review radiographs and ultrasound imagings twice a month.

Hospitalization and Intensive Care

If hospitalizing your pet is necessary, our facility can provide the nursing care, treatment and intensive hospitalized care needed to allow a speedy recovery of your pet.

Behavioral Counseling

From puppy and kittenhood through adulthood, advice and counseling are available on a case by case basis.

Nutritional Needs

We carry a full line of prescription pet foods for management of specific disease states as well as a line of premium pet foods for the best nutrition possible. Our staff is well qualified to help you select the best food for your pet.

Therapy Laser

Laser therapy treatment for pets is advanced technology primarily used to reduce swelling & inflammation, minimize pain, and speed the healing process. Click here for more info and contact us with any questions and to make an appointment!