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Pet Dentistry in ZionsvilleDentistry & Dental Digital Radiology 

Keeping our pets smiling brightly and their mouths smelling fresh and healthy is a priority for all of us pet owners. Should your pet be in need of a dental cleaning, the staff of Zionsville Animal Hospital is here to help!

Our doctors and technicians provide dental examinations, ultrasonic cleaning, prophylaxis, and fluoride treatments. Our brand new, state-of-the-art dental machine is a welcome addition to out treatment room. We are also capable of taking digital dental radiographs and other diagnostics if needed. Oral surgery and extractions are performed in some cases. Some pets may even require antibiotics and pain medication may be prescribed.

Special care is taken to provide detailed home-dental care instruction for your pet’s continued oral health. Stop by our office to see our full line of products to help keep you and your pet smiling.

Lucky Helps Us Understand The Importance Of Pet Dental Care

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