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Pet grooming in Zionsville

Pet Grooming at Zionsville Animal Hospital

Zionsville Animal Hospital is happy to provide comprehensive pet care, including professional pet grooming Monday through Friday. 

A good brush or grooming is essential to keep your pet healthy and happy. Whether your dog just needs a professional hair trimming or extras such as bows and painted nails, you can count on our certified groomers to beautify your pet!

Grooming includes brushing, hair cutting or shaving (per instruction) ear cleaning, anal gland expression (when asked), and nail trimming. Prices vary depending on the breed of pet, and the style desired. Optional services include: brushing teeth and/or dremeling nails - just ask for details and prices when you contact us.

Benefits of Pet Grooming

Regular pet grooming can help contribute to longer, healthier lives for dogs. The benefits of having your dog groomed regularly can include making him or her more comfortable and clean, as well as having attention paid to overlooked parts of their body.

There are many direct health benefits of pet grooming. Regular brushing of all dogs, despite coat length or type, helps to keep the coat and skin healthy. It is highly beneficial to brush dogs in between bath times. It helps to keep them clean and remove dirt, other debris, and dead hair from the coat. Brushing is a vital part of pet care, as it works to distribute the natural oils of the skin throughout the coat, promoting a healthier coat, and cleaner skin.

In addition to the benefits for your dog’s coat, brushing may help to shed light on any abnormalities in his or her body. While you may not notice any lumps, sores, growths, or bald spots that have appeared on your dog, regular pet grooming by a professional can help to detect a problem. This will ensure that if a lump does appear, you are aware of it sooner rather than later. Our veterinarian should check any growth or lump that you or your groomer notices on your dog, to rule out cancer and other potentially dangerous conditions. Early detection is crucial for a positive outcome to an otherwise deadly health problem.

Longhair dogs tend to grow hair deep in the ear canal, and this hair can trap bacteria, causing irritation and ear infections. Our pet grooming service in Zionsville includes "plucking" this hair, and often times a cursory clean of the ears while checking for anything abnormal (discharge, redness) in the ear canal.

Any long haired dogs tend to grow excessive amounts of hair between their feet and paw pads, as well as around the perianal (anus) area. Excessive hair in these places can lead to hygiene problems, tangling of hair, accumulation of dirt and stickers in the hair, and even cause problems defecating and urinating. The groomer may trim around these areas, helping to prevent problems before they can develop.

Most dogs don't naturally wear down their nails fast enough to keep up with nail growth. As a result, dogs need regular nail trimmings to keep their nails at the optimum length. Long nails are the most common cause of chiropractic problems in dogs, and can contribute to joint pain and stiffness. Your pet’s body has been designed to walk with his pads on the floor, not the nails. If your dogs' nails are touching the ground, his nails are too long. If you can hear the nails clicking on the floor, they are too long. Regular clipping will help to prevent problems associated with long nails. The groomer will clip your pets' nails, and their skill and experience can often get them shorter than you can at home.

As you can see, there are many benefits to pet grooming. While frequency will depend on the breed of your dog, coat type or lifestyle, regular grooming sessions will help your pet to remain a healthy, clean companion to you.

If you have any questions about our pet grooming services in Zionsville, please feel free to contact us for availability, price, and any other information you may need.  We can’t wait to chat with you - call today for your pet's sPAW day! (317) 873-1833

Click here to learn more about the dog grooming service provided at Zionsville Animal Hospital.


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