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Boarding FAQ

Cat & Dog Boarding FAQ’s

Dog boarding Zionsville

Some of the most frequently asked questions we hear regarding pet boarding... 

Q: What is your minimum age for boarding a pet? 
A: Because cats and dogs under 4 months may not have had all their immunization shots yet, they are more vulnerable to catching airborne viruses, and might not be able to easily fight them off. Therefore, our minimum age requirement is 4 months. Our advice is to board puppies and kittens at your veterinarian's clinic until they are fully immunized. 

Q: How long can my dog board at Zionsville Animal Hospital?
A: Our recommendation is no longer than 14 days.

Q: I'm boarding my pet for the first time?
A: Don’t worry, it won’t take long for your pet to become familiar with the caring staff at our boarding facility and settle into a routine. We keep our feeding and exercise schedule consistent, so that your pet will feel confident that he or she is safe and cared for. We also keep a regular schedule for cleaning and monitoring. We feed our pet guests in the morning and late afternoon. If you can establish this same routine with them before they board with us, it helps your pet to feel more relaxed about feeding time.  

Q: How much do you charge for boarding?
A: The type and size of your pet will determine the boarding rates. Please contact us to discuss this, ask any further questions you might have, and schedule your pet’s stay.

Q: Does my pet need a reservation?
A: Yes, reservations are required. Our kennels book very quickly on weekends and holidays, so we advise booking your pet’s stay in advance. You can call us at (317) 873-1833

Q: Do you require a deposit in advance of a boarding visit?
A: For your convenience, no deposit is required.

Q: What are your check-in and check-out times?
A: Monday – Friday between 8am – 6pm; Saturday 8am – 12noon

Q: Can my pet catch a disease by being kenneled with other pets?
A: Exposure to disease is always a risk when pets are boarded in a facility with other animals. However, because we keep a high standard of sanitation and require advance vaccination for all pets boarding with us, the risk is almost nonexistent. There is nothing more important to us than to return your family pet to you in a happy, healthy state. Excellent sanitation, well-constructed kennels, good air flow throughout the facility, and a trained, empathetic staff, contribute to providing a healthy, safe, and calm environment for your pet. Our first-class, highly sanitary environment will dispel any fears you may have had initially.   

Q: Can all my pets stay together in the same space?
A: Possibly – depending on how pets respond in a boarding environment.

Q: Does my pet need to have certain vaccinations prior to boarding?
A: We need all pets in our care to be fully vaccinated in accordance with our hospital protocol. We require Rabies, Distemper, and Kennel Cough. A clear fecal is also required.

Q: While my dog is boarding with you, will he be taken out for walks?
A: All of our guests are let out at least 2 times daily, for fun and exercise.

Q: Are your facilities indoors?
A: Zionsville Animal Hospital has indoor kennels and an outdoor fenced yard.

Q: Where is my dog going to go to the bathroom when in your care?
A: Zionsville Animal Hospital has an outdoor area, which is sanitary and safe. This area is well suited for this purpose, and is regularly cleaned. Our trained staff monitor the pets as they eliminate.

Q: Can my pets have their favorite toys with them while boarding at Zionsville Animal Hospital?

A: We allow your pet to bring one or two of their favorite toys, as long as they are marked with your last name in permanent marker.

Q: What happens if my pet becomes ill or needs medical attention during their stay?
A: Should your pet become ill or require medical attention while you’re away, we will make every effort to contact you immediately, keep you informed, and address any health issues with the appropriate intervention by our veterinary staff. Our veterinarians are prepared to handle any problems that may arise while pets are boarding, making Zionsville Animal Hospital the safest place for your pet to stay during your absence. 

Q: My pet requires a special diet. Can I provide their food for their stay?
A: Absolutely. We suggest packing each meal separately, and labeling them with your pet’s name. That way, our staff can offer your pet the exact meal you would offer them at home, thereby maintaining their regular diet.

Q: What if my pet is diabetic and requires shots?
A: Pets with medical needs are very well looked after here at Zionsville Animal Hospital. Our highly-trained staff can administer shots or medications.

Q: Do you keep daily records of my pet’s health and behavior?
A: Yes

Q: Is your facility air-conditioned?
A: Our boarding facilities are fully air-conditioned for comfort in the summer and well heated in the winter.

Q: Why does my pet smell different when I pick him up after being boarded?
A: We take sanitation seriously in our boarding facility at Zionsville Animal Hospital, which requires using hospital grade disinfectants to keep things spotless. However, when among other animals in a kennel, a pet’s natural odor might become more noticeable. The natural odor of your pet might also seem stronger to you when you haven’t been around them for a while. 

If you have any other questions not covered here, give us a call, we are here to help!