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Pet Vaccinations

Zionsville Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations in Zionsville

Responsible pet owners want to do everything they can to keep their companion animal healthy and disease free, and that includes having them vaccinated.  However, there is growing controversy regarding the use of vaccines these days, and consequently questions as to when and why pet vaccinations are necessary.

The development of vaccines to protect animals against contagious, and often fatal diseases, such as canine distemper, canine parvo, and feline pan leukopenia, have almost eradicated them. Rabies vaccinations for dogs in the United States has severely curbed the incidence of humans becoming infected with rabies. There can be no doubt, that the administration of vaccines has alleviated much suffering for both humans and animals alike.

Initially, vaccines were developed against bacterial diseases, viruses, and fungi, but more recently, vaccines have been developed against protozoans, such as Giardia, and more. There are new vaccines being developed to counteract almost every disease imaginable, even those that are common and/or unlikely to become fatal. 

Simply put, pet vaccinations help the immune system fight off disease by introducing a weakened or dead organism of that particular disease. The body is then stimulated to fight the disease by creating antibodies in response, the body’s normal defense mechanism. The body has then built up a stronger defense to resist the actual live disease if it attacks in the future. It takes approximately a week for the body to respond to most vaccines. 

Pet Vaccinations - Protect the Health of Your Loved OnesPet vaccinations in Zionsville

To prevent your pet from contracting disease, it is important to have them vaccinated far in advance of the animal’s exposure to the disease. Be aware that once an animal becomes infected with a disease, vaccines cannot cure them.

It is crucial that you do your part to protect your pet’s health. Contact us today to learn what the most beneficial pet vaccinations in Zionsville are and make sure your pet is up to date. Our friendly veterinary team is ready to assist you! (317) 873-1833

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