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Spay and Neuter

Spay and Neuter in Zionsville

Spay and Neuter in Zionsville – Help Your Pet and Our Community

As a caring pet owner, you want your dog or cat to live a healthy, happy life, free from the stresses and dangers associated with the mating drive. The decision to spay and neuter your dog or cat at an early age is a responsible one. This procedure prevents unwanted pregnancies, that often result in the birth of uncared for strays. In addition to this, there are many other benefits listed below. The neuter procedure involves removing testicles from males. The spay procedure includes removing the female ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. Spay and neuter procedures are the most common surgeries we perform, and our professional staff are skilled in taking the best possible care of your pet throughout the operation.

Spaying Benefits (females):

  • No heat cycles to attract males
  • Reduces the risk of mammary gland tumors and ovarian and/or uterine cancer.  Risk is further decreased if surgery is performed before the first heat cycle
  • Reduces the compulsion to roam
  • Reduces number of unwanted / stray animals in Zionsville
  • Helps dogs and cats live a less stressful, healthier life
  • Increases life span

Neutering Benefits (males):

  • Reduces or eliminates territorial marking and spraying instincts
  • Reduces the compulsion to roam
  • Reduces likelihood of injury due to fights, car injuries, etc.
  • Eliminates testicular cancer and decreases prostate disease
  • Reduces number of unwanted / stray animals in Zionsville
  • Helps dogs and cats live a less stressful, healthier life
  • Increases life span

Main Reasons for Spaying and Neutering

We spay and neuter for many reasons. It helps reduce pet overpopulation in Zionsville and surrounding communities. Many of these communities have no other option than to euthanize these unwanted animals rather than see them suffer disease and malnutrition. There continue to be millions of strays throughout the United States. This kind of suffering can be brought to an end for the small cost of spaying and neutering.

Spay and neuter procedures increase the chance of a longer and healthier life for pets. Dogs can live an average of 1 to 3 years longer, and cats can live 3 to 5 years longer. Spayed and neutered pets run an extremely low risk of mammary gland tumors, prostate cancer, perianal tumors, pyometria, and uterine, ovarian and testicular cancers.

Making the decision to spay or neuter your pet helps protect them from dangerous behaviors. Surveys show that up to 85% of dogs hit by cars are unaltered. Intact male cats that are left to wander outdoors live less than two years on average. Feline Immunodeficiency Syndrome is transmitted through biting, one cause of premature death, as unaltered cats fight constantly.

Spay and Neuter in Zionsville - Additional Benefits

“Your community will also benefit. Unwanted animals are becoming a very real concern in many areas. Stray animals can easily become a public nuisance, soiling parks and streets, ruining shrubbery, frightening children and elderly people, creating noise and other disturbances, causing automobile accidents, and sometimes even killing livestock or other pets. “- The American Veterinary Medical Association

“The capture, impoundment and eventual destruction of unwanted animals costs taxpayers and private humanitarian agencies over a billion dollars each year. As a potential source of rabies and other less serious diseases, they can be a public health hazard. “- The American Veterinary Medical Association

If you still have questions about spay and neuter procedures, or would like to make an appointment, please call and speak with our friendly staff today at 317-873-1833!